African Community Service Award Nominations

Nominations for 2019 are now closed, but nominations for 2020 are open.

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Please write the following in the Submission Field to the left:

  • Name and Contact information as shown 
  •  Name and Contact information of the person or group you would like to nominate. 
  • A quick summary of what they have done (i.e. a specific mission or project).

Candidate Nomination Process


Names of Nominees received via email

We encourage the general public to send the names of their nominees to us via email at Please include a brief statement as to why the candidate deserves the award (Please use the Nomination form below)

Internal Board Review

After receiving the names and statements, the information on each candidate is reviewed by the Board of Advisers and review team.

Vetting by Our Final Selection Committe

The information from the internal review board is submitted to The Final Selection Committe. Based on the criteria provided by the Awards committee, the list is finalized. 

Final list of Awardees

Once the final list is received all nominees are informed officially. (Note: Some candidates might be shortlisted.