Margaret Korto



Marg korto

Margaret Kordorwu Korto, MBA, MHA, has served as a Senior Program Analyst, and Manager of the National African Immigrant Project and the Black Communities Portfolio for 14 years at the Office of Minority Health Resource Center.  In this capacity, she works toward strengthening the capacity of African serving nonprofits, public sector organizations, and academic institutions that serve racial and ethnic minorities to adapt and respond more effectively to health needs of minority populations.  In this position, Margaret works with major hospitals to produce trainings that are culturally appropriate to address Hepatitis B and C and HIV in the African communities. In the last 5 years Margaret has been working with agencies that address domestic violence and female genital circumcision within African communities in the US. Margaret has a strong passion for women’s issue, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, child marriages etc. 

Margaret has worked with several universities to create training curricula for the African communities addressing, nutrition, diabetes, HIV and is in the process of creating Hepatitis B curricula for Africans. Margaret spear headed the National African HIV Initiative which was held in 5 states. This Initiative brought together key stakeholders, including researchers, federal agencies, state and local health departments, DHHS regional offices, and CBOs from around the country to address HIV infection in Africans. Margaret worked with several African academicians to create the United States Conference on African Immigrant Health which is in its 4th year. This national conference brings together over 350 people originating from the continent of Africa and their colleagues to present research and programs focusing on African immigrants. 

Margaret is a proud mother of two wonderful and accomplished young adults who are also doing their best to give back to the community at large through their work.