Mr. Jonathan Kolo



Jonathan Kolo was born and raised in Minna Nigeria. Currently, Jonathan resides in Maryland with his wife Dr. Yovonda Kolo and their daughter Naomi Kolo.

As the oldest child in a family of six, Jonathan was always a leader. After graduating in 1983 from Federal Government College in Minna, Jonathan traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to begin his post-secondary studies at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). In 1988, Jonathan graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture. After graduation, Jonathan moved to Washington DC and began his graduate studies in Civil Engineering. After receiving his Master’s Degree in 1992, Jonathan started his own company, Wamadu Builders, and has worked as a builder in Washington DC since 1992. 

Jonathan played basketball for one semester while at NYIT and continued to play on intramurals teams during his time in school. His love for basketball and his strong desire to help others, inspired him to start TimeOut4Africa Foundation in 2007. TimeOut4Afrrica is a non-governmental organization with a mission of enriching childhood through basketball and education. Since the start of Time Out4Africa, Jonathan has hosted over 7 camps, which are designed to build the skill of basketball, encourage students to stay in school, and strengthen partnerships with families and schools. At each camp, students receive a t-shirt, basketball shoes, trophies, and school supplies. To support the goal of hosting basketball camps in Minna and surrounding areas, Time Out 4Africa has built 4 basketball goals, on local school grounds, since 2012. Additionally, TimeOut4Africa adopts a school each year and donates equipment and school supplies which will help ensure schools are equipped with the materials needed for instruction. 

In 2014, TimeOut4Africa gained a presence on the Global Giving platform, a 503(c)b organization that highlights and supports fundraising effort of International Organizations. TimeOut4Africa’s presence on Global Giving provides an avenue for individuals and companies to make a tax-deductible donation. Jonathan plans to continue his fundraising efforts on Global Giving as his humanitarian work in Nigeria expand to impact more children. 

In 2016, TimeOut4Africa, hosted the 1st Annual STEM Event for girls. The camp, organized by his wife Dr. Yovonda Kolo, was started as an avenue to increase awareness and participation in STEM for girls. During the STEM Camp, girls were exposed to coding, robotics, engineering, and basic science experiments. Participants at the EXPO also received a t-shirt and a bookbag full of school supplies. Following the STEM Camp, Time Out 4Africa sponsored a STEM fieldtrip to a Pharmacy with the goal of increasing students’ awareness of STEM careers and opportunities. 

Jonathan’s mission to inspire children through sports and education has become his life’s work. He works tirelessly to ensure that the children of Minna have access and exposure to activities that can propel them to athletic and academic success in and out of Minna, Nigeria.