Mr Joachim Nwagwu



1. Provision of Electricity (needed public service):– In our communities, generators are the main sources of electricity and government-provided light is a backup. Jachim has single- handedly provided electricity to the people of our village by extending electricity from his village residence to the surrounding community. This, he has done, with no cost to the recipients who have experienced new development, small business expansion and enhancement in health and wellness.

2. Foster Cultural Assets: Jachim on his own has provided street lights, improved local roads, and built a village Community hall for various meetings and cultural gatherings. This is promoting a sense of belonging and cultural heritage which is creating our next generation of leaders to collaborate and bring needed change.

3. Education and Poverty Alleviation: Back home, he has continuously provided food, funds and mentoring to his family, widows, the less privileged and school children. He has given them start-up money to enable small businesses, acquire education, gain skills to uplift their self-esteem and create financial independence to break the chain of poverty. He’s a father to the forgotten and has provided hope to many. Jachim leads by example. 

4. Employment /Creating jobs and Economic Opportunities: Jachim created and runs a business in the HOMECARE industry that has created opportunities for self-sustaining economic growth for over150 employees and their families and also improved and increased the health and quality of life of the residents that they serve every day.


In our world today, someone a few yards or miles from you is in desperate need of some kind: a little act of kindness makes a huge difference and puts smile on faces. This man strongly believes that as God blesses you, you should be able to share and make other lives better and happier!! Thank you and keep it up, Joe!!