Dr. Sylvester Ugoh



A true champion and African Hero

Cambridge School Certificate 1951 

B.A. (Economics)  1959 

M.A. (Economics) 1962 

Ph.D. (Economics)  1965

Ag. Director, Econ Dev. Institute, UNN 1965-67 

Governor, Bank of Biafra  1967-70 

Ag. Director, Econ. Dev. Institute, UNN 1970-72 

Economic & Management Consultant 

(Skoup &Co. Management Consultants)  1972-79 

Director, Central Bank of Nigeria 1975-79 

Member, the Nigerian Constituent Assembly  1977-78 

Minister of Science & Technology in the Federal Government 1979-81 

Minister of Education in the Federal Government 1982-83 

President General, Nzuko Umuokrika 1985-89 

Economic & Management Consultant, (Skoup & Co, 

Management Consultants)  1985-2013 

Chairman, Ministerial Committee that studied and, recommended 

for adoption, Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) 1992