Mrs. Deanna Gelak



Mrs. Deanna Gelak

She is one of the Queens of Africa

She is simply passionate about Africa and Africans

*Personally assisted hundreds of Africans residing in the US with resume review, job search, educational goals, life skills, and career advancement strategies *Has helped coordinate US fund-raisers that raised more than $100,000 in food and clean drinking water for Africans and other countries 

*Used her English degree from the University of Florida and career writing and training experience to advocate for and mentor Africans and other immigrants struggling in the US 

*Draws upon her experience from several successful careers (advocacy, human resource policy, and education) to help people communicate effectively and tell their life stories.

*Currently serves as the Director of Academics and Care for the Nigerian-based Education Must Continue Initiative;(on a pro-bono basis), which sponsors and mentors escaped Chibok, Nigerian schoolgirls and other escaped Nigerian terror victims attending school in the US 

*Obtained more than Half a Million Dollars in scholarships for African students schooling in the US